Branding Options

Recycled branding options

All our products, eco friendly and non eco friendly can be branded with your logo and / or message. The  branding option on the recycled bags and other recycled products made from billboards are a PVC label, printed in full colour and sewn on the billboard products in your preferred position. This recycled branding really compliments the look and feel of these recycled bags and other eco products we manufacture. We encourage our customers to include a recycled branding label that tells the story behind the product, that the recycled product is made from waste, used PVC billboards, and that it has helped with job creation in South Africa.

The hessian products, made only from hessian with no billboard like hessian gift bags and hessian goodie bags and hessian sling bags could be screen printed in one colour. Important to know that not all logos work on hessian as it’s porous but we will let you know if we can, and if not we can sew a recycled branding label on.

For the shweshwe bags and other shweshwe products we sew a on a full colour fabric or PVC label on.


Examples of Branded tags stitched onto our products or screen printed onto our hessian bags.

pic 19 pic 18 pic 16

pic 17 pic 15 pic 14 pic 11 pic 8

pic 9 pic 6pic 5

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