Can I choose the colour of my product?
Customers CANNOT choose specific colours.
The colour of the product will depend on the available waste PVC and polyester banner material that we can get at the time of the order. Also, waste is cut to maximise its usage. Therefore the products will be made up of a variety of colours and prints. Each product is completely unique and one of a kind. Some very interesting and others more plain.

Will other companies logos show through on my product?
The waste is cut in a way that no company logos show through. Unless of course a company gives us their own waste to make their products.

Can I supply my own waste and will there be a price advantage if I do?
Clients can supply their own waste and in this case PVC can be cut to show logos where relevant. A discount will be provided, however we will charge for collection and delivery of the waste to our factory.

How do I brand my logo on your products?
A white PVC label is printed in full colour and stitched onto the product in the preferred position.

Screen printing is an option where products utilise the reverse side of the billboards which are black.

Are your branded labels eco-friendly ?
No. They are printed on virgin PVC.

Is your product 100% recycled?
All billboard and polyester material and lining (used inside some bags) is waste material. Virgin materials used on the bags include binding, webbing, strap adjusters, Velcro, zipping, hessian and shweshwe fabrics.

Can any waste be used to make products?
Cracked, torn or very weathered polyester or billboard waste cannot be used.



Are all of your products made in South Africa and who are your producers?
Yes, all of our products are proudly South African and made by local small producers, community groups, job creation initiatives or NPO’s.

Do you custom make products?
Yes we can custom make products to meet your specific needs.
If sampling is required, a sample development fee will be charged, This is refundable if an order is placed.

Do you supply samples of your products?
Yes, we do supply samples. We charge for them, as well as a delivery fee.