Billboards Becoming Upcycled Bags

The billboards below that would normally go to a landfill site and take 500+ years to biodegrade were used to create a unique conference bag for Microsoft

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The production process of making these bags

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b2b7 b2b8

b2b5 b2b6

pic 7 pic 10

Final products made from a Microsoft billboard and a a ‘LIRA’s billboard

This order for 2300 conference bags resulted in an additional 5 full time jobs created over the 2 month period and an additional 4 people who assisted with cleaning, quality and packing the bags. From the profits of the order the owner invested in a much needed machinery.

Turning waste billboards into funky, functional bags is what we do. We take used PVC billboards and we upcycle them into sturdy, attractive bags and other green promotional items. Making green promotional products from the client’s own waste is our most exciting transaction. In this case the logos can show and the client not only gets brand extension but can give away a product that speaks volumes about their business and ensures them a better carbon footprint.

Each upcycled bag is completely unique, some more colourful than others, all different patterns.

When we make these upcycled bags we cut the waste so that no logos show unless we are making them from the client’s own waste. We line many of the bags with polyester marketing waste.

The producer of the upcycled bags is a small black owned factory in Johannesburg. Production of these upcycled bags and other green promotional items has created 18 permanent jobs and used up 30 tons of billboard waste since 2014. A lot of hand work is required to make these products so its very labor intensive and as such creates jobs in South Africa. We ensure that we cut the waste to show no logos As little water as possible is used to clean the upcycled bags to ensure that we have the best possible carbon footprint.